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My chiropractic story actually began when I was a youngster. My father was a physical education teacher and he was very active in sports. My twin brother and I were involved in every kind of sport possible. Hockey was my number one sport and between the backyard rink and the organized teams, I played well into my twenties. As a result of the many years of hockey, I had neck issues and also began to experience chronic ear infections. They became a part of my life and I just learned to live with them. I began to visit a chiropractor for my neck pain and soon I stopped getting those ear infections. The chiropractor explained to me that, "It was all about getting your nervous system working better. That the mis-alignment in my neck that was causing my neck pain was also affecting my ears. After experiencing to me was a small miracle of living life without ear infections, I decided to leave my teaching profession and become a chiropractor. Upon graduating from Sherman College of Chiropractic, I went to work as an associate doctor at one of the largest chiropractic clinics in the world. After four years there, in 1992, I opened up Carlini Chiropractic Center in beautiful Brighton. From day one, the practice exploded and we have been very blessed and fortunate to be able to serve people of all ages in this community. I love to tell patients that my youngest patients were only a day old and my oldest is well into their nineties! If you have a nervous system, you need chiropractic. The fact is, the better your nervous system works the better your over all health will be - period. Always being a teacher at heart ... being able to teach that message to our patients is always a great feeling. In August of 2013, we moved our office to a brand new location that is just spectacular. I've got to say that I'm more excited about being a chiropractor than ever before. When not here at the office, I love to spend time with my beautiful daughters. Like it was with my father, life is as busy as ever, with everyone my family being involved with everything! Between the yoga, running girls to dance and pom, the gym, skiing, miles on the road bike and playing in that occasional hockey game, I've got to keep my health at it's best! Your For Better Health, Dr. Gary L. Carlini