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Office Manager

Kelly has been with Carlini Chiropractic since 2015. She is the face that greets you when you walk in our door, the person who answers your call, and handles all of your insurance and billing needs.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Deb KellerDeb is invested in maintaining a healthy, functional, mobile body system. She helps her clients learn about their specific concerns and supplying hands-on advice and tutorials on stretches, movements and tools to help keep their gains from the opening work done thru Dr. Carlinis Chiropractic Adjustments & their Massage Therapy sessions. Deb has a passion for investigating root causes of pain and immboility and addressing those in a transparent way so as to ease the worry we can all feel when we feel 'trapped' or 'locked' in our bodies.

Deb implements techniques and strokes both from her education and her 10 years of "hands on bodies" observations. Deb reaches for a dialogue (when appropriate and if desired) with the other human in the room. She believes that healing is a product of teamwork, trust, patience, forgiveness of self, and a curious non-judgmental approach. Deb is very dedicated to helping and open to learning.